Focus area: How we help our clients.

Bringing business strategies to life.

While the pace of delivering on your key corporate strategies is compressing, the everyday distractions and barriers to communications are burgeoning. For your strategic plans to succeed, they need to be aggressively and creatively communicated, conveying meaning that motivates, educates and aligns your employees to your vision.

Rector Communications has insights, tools, and proven processes that can help:
  • Improve employee engagement and knowledge
  • Increase understanding of your corporate strategic initiatives
  • Improve alignment to strategic shifts, including repositioning and mergers
  • Shape positive relationships with your communities
  • Increase understanding of everyday actions that support your strategic initiatives
  • Build “business literacy” at all levels of your organization
  • Unify culturally and geographically diverse groups
Who we’ve helped:

Fortune 500 to small startups including brand development for corporate, business unit, product/service or initiatives. Clients include: Exelon, Quaker Chemical, Bristol-Myers Squibb, PECO and Lexicon.


FOCUS AREA: Innovation & Partnering: Communicating innovation with clarity.