An under-the-radar brand gets its due.

The Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (FNIH) develops and supports partnerships to advance biomedical sciences—fostering new ideas to fight malaria and other serious infectious diseases, driving innovations in personalized medicine and supporting the work of brilliant scientists. Since 1996, when they were founded by Congress, the FNIH has made critical contributions to improving human health across the globe, but at the same time has remained relatively unknown.

A new CEO with a bold vision became the impetus to refresh an out-of-date brand. Through a series of brainstorming sessions and key personnel interviews, we helped the FNIH redefine their brand position. We refreshed the FNIH logo, helped them define key messages and developed a new voice for the organization. The new brand launched with the 2013 Annual Report that was produced in both print and online versions. This basic design of the report—which is based on case histories of key research initiatives—was designed as a template. This was a strategy to ensure the cost-effectiveness of the annual document and allowed us to put our focus and the budget to work on developing strong, fresh content. For three consecutive years, we were able use the design template to add a new theme, new graphics and new stories.

The online versions of the annual reports closely mirrored the visual style and content of the print version.

As part of the brand literature, we developed a capabilities brochure based on a theme of “We know how.” This brochure succinctly explains who they are, how they work and most important, what they know how to get done in the resource-limited world of bioscience.