Gaining support for smart, new ideas in energy.

You expect innovation to come from entrepreneurs. But it is not something you would usually associate with a 100-plus-year-old company operating in a highly regulated industry. PECO is piercing that perception with a host of new ideas to reinvent our energy future. They are exploring innovative approaches to improve customer service, to harness new technologies for safety, reliability and the environment and to support underserved communities. We helped PECO gain support for these new ideas.

PECO ENERGY: Gaining support for smart, new ideas in energy.

PECO’s innovative ideas encompass everything from smart grid technology to alternative fuel vehicles to renewable energy. Great, forward-looking ideas. But in order to put these innovations to work in a highly regulated and community-centered industry, PECO needs to gain support for their proposed initiatives. PECO asked us to help. We worked with them to shape key messages and campaign materials to win the government and community support they need to roll out these new programs. Our creative strategy used a classic problem/solution approach to spotlight the benefits.