Keeping one brand’s story relevant for more than 20 years.

Quaker Chemical works with some of the most productive, successful plants and mills in the world. And that didn’t happen by accident. Their success is due to their strong service culture which incorporates a rare combination of sophisticated technologies and extraordinary grit. For more than twenty years—in an annual report to shareholders and employees—we have told a consistent story of their brand.

AWARDS: The following reports have all received recognition from the International ARC Awards. Affectionately called the “Oscars” of annual reports, ARC receives thousands of entries each year from all around the globe.

Quaker 2014 annual report: What it takes to be essential.

Deeper, long-lasting customer relationships have brought Quaker Chemical greater revenue, higher customer lifetime value, lower customer acquisition costs and greater market share. This report provides insight—through nine case histories—into how Quaker people think and behave in their daily work to be essential to their customers’ success. We produced both print and interactive versions of this report.

Quaker 2013 annual report: We know what counts.

Products alone don’t solve problems. People do. Within the theme, “we know what counts”, the report conveys Quaker’s genuine passion for helping their customers’ businesses grow ever stronger—by making their processes more efficient, sustainable and competitive. This is what defines their brand and what makes Quaker stand out from its competitors.

2012 annual report: What matters now.

The 2012 Quaker Chemical annual report spotlights top issues—both challenges and opportunities—that their customers face today. Quaker, through its customer-intimate approach, has specialized knowledge and insights derived from working inside hundreds of plants for more than 90 years. They know what matters to make processes run more efficiently, to make good products even better and to make businesses more profitable.

2011 annual report: Going the extra mile.

Among all its competitors, Quaker Chemical stands out for its strength in customer service. Quaker will literally go anywhere at any time of day and do whatever it takes to get the job done. Their “workplaces” are gritty, extreme in temperature and sometimes downright dangerous. This 2011 annual report tells the brand story using a series of real-life examples of Quaker’s people going to great lengths to help customers succeed under difficult circumstances.